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Kristin Spencer Photography

Edgy-chic, elegant, observant & spontaneous imagery captured as your unique signature of style and personality.

As advertising and fashion photographers, Kristin & Jared Spencer, can be found from the runways of NYC to the mansions of Newport, running on the beach with a bride in the Caribbean to capturing a bride making Vera Wang snow angels in Colorado. Their playful personalities and stylish approach have made the studio highly sought after worldwide.

Kristin Spencer is an accomplished photographer with amazing vision, she is able to shoot real meaningful and powerful moments of a wedding day. Kristin possess the highest technical skills and has a genuine appreciation for the bride, groom and family creating dynamic imagery that reveals the days moments of joy as they happen!
She is an artist, her imaged are precious works of art that capture the magic that best portray your wedding day.

- Joyce Holland :: StoneBlossom