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Tiffany & Gregory :: Castle Hill Inn Newport, RI

It takes a rainy day to get a shot at Castle Hill Inn with empty Adirondack there are some benefits besides the belief that rain brings good luck on your wedding day! In which case Tiffany & Greg are the luckiest couple seeing as it poured & drizzled the entire day…but thankfully Tiffany was AMAZING and just smiled and let us PLAY! Straight away you can see Tiffany has a GOREGOUS gown on .. very Art Deco era… which lends perfectly to the style of their event as Tiffany wrote “The wedding design stemmed from the beautiful 1920s inspired engagement ring that Greg gave me. I’ve always been a big fan of history, the Edwardian era, and the Great Gatsby so the theme slowly became a jumble of all that. I took this inspiration with a grain of salt because I didn’t want it to look like a theme costume party. However, it was really important to me that when I look at these pictures 50 years down the road that it had a romantic-vintage feel without being too trendy and outdated. The horror of 80s puffy sleeve dresses plagued me throughout the planning process. The colors were the hardest part to pin down. While I love color and have been a bridesmaid a few times, I didn’t want my girls to buy a dress in a color they would never wear again. Scoping all my favorite blogs like Style Me Pretty and Ruffled, I really liked the idea of neutral dresses with colorful flowers. So grey became my base and added my favorite color lavender as well as ivory, pewter, and antique gold in the mix.” Through the planning process I’ll admit I became myself pretty obsessed with this “Art Deco” style event and anything I could pin I was pinning and just dreaming of what Tiffany was going to ultimately pull together! Q. What made your event UNIQUE

Tiffany. “The pouring rain and tornado watch? Okay that was a surprise but still amusing… We considered not going the traditional wedding route after being together for so many years, but ended up doing it for our moms. To make sure we were keeping it our day we incorporated some silly parts that were a reflection of our personalities: -We were both born in the year of the pig according to the Chinese Zodiac, and it is one of my favorite animals. So we had small touches of that throughout the reception -The caricaturists were so popular it cleared the dance floor. All in all, we wanted it to be a fun time for our guests with great food and great wine. I think we accomplished that.”

Q. Finish this sentence: “One thing I learned from my wedding planning…”

Tiffany. “…is to take each bump with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, it’s about getting married and nothing else. Oh and if I could squeeze in one more learning, pay the extra for a wedding planner. Being a control freak doesn’t help plan a wedding when you’re the bride!” Q. What was your inspiration behind your wedding? Can be anything from a color palette to a location, from a memory to a dress/bouquet/shoes…anything! What motivated you and most influenced your decisions?

Tiffany. “It started with the ring, but quickly snowballed into a Style Me Pretty kind of wedding with the help of Pinterest and Etsy. I really don’t know how people planned weddings before these technologies! Without me knowing it, the central theme because cozy-romantic-vintage. I’m still pinning onto my Pinterest wedding board to this day!”

Q. The Bride & Bridesmaids Wore

Tiffany. “Lazaro & Jcrew” Q. What was your favorite moment or aspect of the day?

Tiffany. “Believe it or not, the down pouring rain during the ceremony. Just totally unforgettable and funny.” Q. The Proposal

Tiffany. “I was having a stressful time at work and for once we didn’t have any family plans for Easter. So Greg decided to create a “Tiffany Appreciation Day” for me. One of our annual traditions is to walk around the city to look at the blooming magnolia trees. First off, brunch at our favorite local restaurant, a manicure (hint# 1), and a short train ride into the city for our walk. He was being weird and fidgety all day, which only got worse as we sat down at a bench in the commons to rest our feet. 20 minutes later, I was getting antsy, bored, and hungry and suggested we get dinner. Greg said he wanted to sit for a little bit longer so I reluctantly obliged. As I waited, an elderly couple walked by holding hands and I said “how cute is that? I hope that’s us one day.” Everything started happening quickly, but I remembered 3 things: 1) He asked me “so…will you marry me?” like he was asking me if I wanted to get lunch. I said, if that’s his way of asking then it’s a no. 2) He did go down on his knee after for a few seconds, but was really embarrassed. 3) When he opened the ring box, I burst into happy tears, which is unusual because I never cry when I’m happy. This happened for a solid 15 minutes without me saying yes.” Q. The Wedding Cake

Tiffany. Scrumptions. Cupcakes: almond cake with vanilla butter cream and hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache Psst.. if anyone is looking for the amazing Guestbook Tree Tiffany found it through Etsy!

Tiffany…I miss you! I loved all our misc wedding planning emails and wedding craziness so we’ll just have to find some new reasons for you to need me right?! pretty please!! I suppose I’ll settle for working on your album layouts for now … but perhaps I should draw this out so I can keep you longer..mmm..

A note from Tiffany.. “Kristin went above and beyond the call of duty for a photographer. She was my therapist, creative “director”, and vendor guru. For a bride trying to handle it all on my own she was my rock in the whole process.”


Stoneblossom Florals

Jen Gonzalez Hair {, 401-323-8399}

Spectrum Make-Up

Mark Penta (Caricaturist)

Rentals Unlimited

DIY Event Lighting

La Bella Musica

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